Exclusive Products from Turkish Culinary Tradition

Octagon Export is located in Konya, Turkey and over 20 years we have been specialists in the sales of Turkish food products, basis of the Mediterranean diet and exclusive tastes of Turkey (olive oil, olives, seasonings, delights, cookies and so on). Our “know how” and the experience acquired allow us to produce private label programs, managing them from the designing of the packaging artwork all the way to delivery of the goods to the distributor. Our processes are tried and tested and they’re the result of a 20 year experience in the field:

  • A wide catalog of food products Made in Turkey – Our main products, both all natural and organic, are olive oil, olives, seasonings, delights and dried fruits. We can also supply other products such as jams,drinks and so on.
  • Packaging and artwork design – We can offer you our services of designing and producing of the packaging as well as the graphic line for your new products;
  • Selection of the production plant and of the best packaging – Based on your needs, we will identify the right production site. All our packers are Higher Level certified and we use the most advanced packaging techniques.
  • Monitoring of the raw materials market – To grant you the best raw materials at the most convenient price, we monitor the production markets on a daily basis.
  • Management and monitoring of the production process – Our specialists patrol the production plants of our packers in order to guarantee the conformity of the products with respect to the agreed technical specifications, the alignment of the stocks both of the raw materials and of the packaging, and that the agreed production times are always met.
  • Logistics management – We use our internal shipper for all our shipments both on water and overland. We negotiate the freight costs with the steamship companies directly, in order to obtain the best rates possible. Our private label program includes, if required, the consolidation of different products in the same container with no additional cost.

We are able to offer our customers a complete and consistent service which ranges from the logistics to the quality assurance (all our productions are carried out in certified plants), graphics (we have an in-house designer) and Customer Service, which is recognized by all our customers as a real center of excellence. We send around 30 containers of food products per year to various countries.

We constantly monitor the most important markets worldwide, in order to provide you with the information you need and the most convenient price for your purchases; we have known, for the past 20 years, a reliable Turkish producers of the raw materials that we use to manufacture your products. We are experts of organic products which we sell all over the world in accordance with regulations set and accredited by certifying Bodies.